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Cash Prizes based on Ranks in MKC Talent Hunt 2017

Class Rank
Class X 50,000/- 30,000/- 20,000/- Certificate & Medal
Class XI 50,000/- 30,000/- 20,000/- Certificate & Medal
Class XII 50,000/- 30,000/- 20,000/- Certificate & Medal

Conditions for Cash Prize

  1. Tie Breaker Rules : If many students secure equal aggregate marks then higher rank will be given comparing subject scores in priority of Maths & Physics for all classes.
    If a subject scores are also equal then lower age student will be given higher rank.
  2. Admission in MKC Course in NOT mandatory for MKC Talent Hunt prizes.
  3. National Rank 1 to 3 Holders of each class will be given cheque prize ONLY IF they attend function of MKC Talent Hunt 2017.

Scholarships Based on MKC Talent Hunt Scholarship Examination 2017

Based on Talent Search Examination Performance Scholarship
1-AIR (for all classes) 50%
2-AIR (for all classes) 30%
3-AIR (for all classes) 20%
4-AIR to 100 AIR (for all classes) 10%

Terms & Conditions

  1. Scholarship shall be awarded upon taking admission in MKC year long classroom course of session 2017-18.
  2. Fee and admission related terms & conditions applicable will be mentioned in admission policy of session 2017-18.
  3. Scholarship will be valid only till 31st March 2017. Student taking admission in MKC Classroom course after 31st March 2017 will not be eligible for Scholarships.
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