MKC Talent Hunt Examination

What is Talent Hunt ?

MKC Talent hunt is a golden opportunity for Defence aspirants. Major Kalshi Classes (MKC) is the Best Defence Coaching Institute in India. MKC organises a talent hunt across India every year. Students studying in 10th, 11th and 12th (Appperaing / Passed) and also students who have already passed 12th, can participate in MKC Talent Hunt. The entire country is divided in different zones and exam is conducted on the same day pan India.

This year MKC has finalised cash award amount as 7.44 Lakhs which will be distributed to the toppers of each zone. Besides this there are Scholarships worth Rs 6 crores, which will be given to students to lessen the burden of the fees which they bear otherwise while preparing for different defence exams. MKC Talent Hunt also serves as the first competitive exam, most of the students appear in. It helps students check where they stand.

Fundamental way to prepare for the MKC Talent Hunt Examination and become Talent Hunt Scholar by enhancing your knowledge and applications of the conceptual knowledge of the syllabus up to class X , XI or XII.

The most important skill for MKC Talent Hunt Exam preparation is developing analytical thinking. This is a process in which the knowledge acquired, concepts learnt, misconceptions understood and fundamentals absorbed are woven together by the thinking skill to arrive at a logical and strategic solution to a given problem.


MKC has a clear vision behind organising Talent Hunt and it is to help financially weak students who aspire to join Army, Air Force or Navy. The idea was to find young talented students and to polish them and prepare them for the most challenging job ever.

Students who appear in the MKC Talent Hunt experience the following benefits:

  • A Chance to win cash prize
  • A chance to earn Scholarship
  • A chance to appear in a competitive exam to check self caliber.
  • An exposure to defence Sector and opportunity to increase awareness about different Armed Forces.