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What is Talent Hunt?

MKC Talent Hunt Exam Details

The MKC Talent Hunt Examination is a National Level scholarship program in India to identify and nurture talented students. It honours and helps talented students by providing financial assistance in the form of scholarship .Students studying in Class X, XI,XII are eligible to appear for the selection process.

Fundamental way to prepare for the MKC Talent Hunt Examination and become Talent Hunt Scholar by enhancing your knowledge and applications of the conceptual knowledge of the syllabus up to class X , XI or XII.

The most important skill for MKC Talent Hunt Exam preparation is developing analytical thinking. This is a process in which the knowledge acquired, concepts learnt, misconceptions understood and fundamentals absorbed are woven together by the thinking skill to arrive at a logical and strategic solution to a given problem.

Advantages of MKC Talent Hunt Exam

  • Participation in a Talent Hunt Exam being conducted by the most authentic institute in India.
  • Test&assessment of academic proficiency at national level.
  • Bench-marking of individual performance at State and National Level.
  • Rewards& Recognition at national level.


Major Kalshi Classes is a frontrunner institute in the field of coaching young students from NDA, CDS, CPF, AFCAT etc. so that they can move ahead on a brilliant career path by winning at various milestones in their academic tenure.


Major Kalshi Classes is India’s Most Trusted & Result Dominating institute, having strong roots in rich academic legacy since 2008. More than 1 Lac (till 2016) students have trusted Major Kalshi Classes in 8 years.

Competitive Scenario

MKC’s teaching methodology’s and TESTING system is a Benchmark for it’s enrolled students at PAN India level, which empowers Talent Hunt to offer you the most realistic competition.

Talent Can't be taught, but it can be Awakened.
A Call for the Talent in You. Apply for the #MKCTALENTHUNT2017 today